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What we do

We work with agents of change inside influential brands, media companies, niche publishers, schools and institutions joining the dots in unexpected ways.

How we can help

With our outsider perspective we help you observe, understand and interact with the bigger picture of the media landscape.

Coming this fall: SPECTRUM
SPECTRUM is a foresight radar about the Futures of Media & Publishing, a unique tool to discover, understand and review why and how this industry is evolving in the internet age.


Connecting the dots

We design, curate and participate in events, workshops and learn-by-doing experiences across the globe.

Encourage your team or audience with inspiring sessions about futures, internet culture and emerging tech.

Workshops & sprints
We create agile learning experiences for leadership teams to develop valuable concepts using future thinking and visual design tools, making the impossible acceptable.

Advisory Services
We identify key trends, themes, catalysts, collectives and networks under the radar of traditional research and consultancy firms.


Our platform

We created IAM – Internet Age Media, a platform designed to cultivate the open ecosystem emerging from the evolution of internet as culture. We do it through a yearly event, video series, a weekly newsletter and random collaborations.

Next event: IAM Weekend. April 7–10, 2016. Barcelona.

In randomness we trust

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